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    As per the DVD/CD manufacturers recommendation, you should be cleaning your player’s optical lens every 6 weeks

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Lets face facts, we all have done it. Thrown our CDs, DVDs, Game discs and other CD-ROMs on to the ground after changing them over, and how many times have YOU scratched them. For some collectors the damaged and scratched discs numbers can be more then the undamaged disks in their collection.

So instead of not using them, or even worse throwing them out, whether they be music CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs for your computer or game discs such as Playstation 1, 2, Xbox & Xbox 360 games or even Blu Ray & HD DVD Discs! Lets face facts, these days they certainly aren’t cheap, especially the game discs! Rather than let them collect dust on the “damaged” pile, why not REPAIR YOUR DISCS!!